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I tried 3 different American Laser Centre locations and was really surprised at the varying degrees of customer service. After receiving a moderately good service at a location downtown on Madison Avenue, I transferred to 57th Street.

And then due to the bad customer service there, I transfered to the Upper West side location. I have left UMPTEEN voicemails on their machine, and HAVE YET to receive even one single call back. Unbelievable for the amount of money they trick you into spending for a "package" deal.

Once you're hooked after spending $thousands, they stop returning your calls. The most unprofessional service I've ever received.

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I do admit the Fort Lauderdale location is HORRIBLE. Nobody answers the phone.

You show up and no one is attending the desk. Cancel appointments without notifying you. They run through the procedure and forget to do certain part you paid for at times. And if you remind them they run through it without care and not target the hair properly.

I've done laser treatments elsewhere and know how it should be done.

Nothing professional about the Fort Lauderdale location. Switching locations in hopes of my remaining services will go better.

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