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I tried American Laser Centers for 2.5 years to remove hair from my face, arm pits and legs. It didn't work at all..... their technical term is "non-responder".

They made up excuses why they couldn't fill out the paperwork to get my money back. They had me increase my visit, do "double passes" meaning, go over the area twice each visit AND they increased the lasers heat/volume. All of this didn't work! And ladies and gentleman, I have blonde hair all over - so it really, really doesn't work.

It took me a year of threats and finally I made good on them. I took them to court and received 1/2 of the money I paid them. If I would have continued - my attorney would have eaten up the rest so it was better to cut my losses.


End of story......

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Not sure if you'll be back here, but if so, I'd love to hear more about your taking them to court, as I am considering the same if other actions fails.

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