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American Laser Center of Hinsdale lied to me and said they had new technology that would remove light hair from light skin - something that all the other places admitted right away could not be done. The manager told me that within 6-8 months I would be hair free and if I treated my legs as well I would never have to shave again.

She roped me in on the spot with CARE CREDIT's 12 month interest free card and a $500 instant credit and of course the prospect of finally having clean arms and legs seemed worth the $5,000 price tag as long as it came with a guarantee. Well 24 months later and no results and a request for a refund was made to corporate. All techs there who treated me said I would qualify for refund. The office went through many managers during the 24 months and several of them told me I would qualify and that the manager who signed me up told many lies to many people and they were left cleaning up the mess.

Not only did corporate never respond to my refund request, the complaint I filed through the BBB was never even responded to.

Review about: American Laser Skincare Laser Hair Removal.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I had the exact same problem. Their "guarantee" wasn't much of a guarantee. :(


I won $300 off of a treatment but the treatment came out to be well over that. I didn’t want to spend money but there was nothing offered for the price I won.

I was told that if I got velashape that I would “love” my results. I told the manager that I didn’t want to pay that much money and go through that many treatments since I didn’t know the outcome but she assured me again that I would look amazing and “everyone sees results”. The first three treatments were torture but I figured it was worth the outcome. Each time a different lady did my treatments and each time they were completely different from the other.

After 10 treatments I didn’t see any results at all. Sad thing, the ladies kept telling the manager that there were no results and at my last treatment, she didn’t even stick around to talk to me about my lack of progress.

I was told that she would call me…still waiting for my call. She told me I would love my results, but there is none.


This operation is a complete scam. My wife underwent their procedures and had abosutely NO favoable results - she gained weight instead of losing.

Company scams customers by taking full payments upfront (prior to work being rendered) and does not gine refunds, instead at the end of her treatment they suggest that my wife pay for additional treatments with NO guarantees. We paid $1500 for services and have nothing to show for it.


American Laser Center lied to me. They told me straight out, several times, that ALL of the hair would be gone at the end of my treatment time. When I discovered they’d lied, and their people admitted they had, they said they’d take care of it. But when the particular office I’d been going to closed, the other office that took over refused to continue with what was promised to me.

When I tried to contact someone at corporate, that was a whole other nightmare. It was clear that they were quite use to phone calls from unsatisfied customers, for they had it down just right on how to refuse your calls, not allowing you to talk to anyone or allowed to leave a message. They actually refused to give me names, voice mails, and even were handing up on me, and screening my calls as to not answer when I phoned. You were ONLY allowed to talk to customer service, which of course are in no position to do anything. Basically no help.

After many calls, I was FINALLY able to talk to a regional representative after a nightmare of trying to contact someone in corporate, and she actually said I should be happy with what I’ve received. That they were sorry I was lie too but I should be happy I got what I got because it was more than most people received. She didn’t get that was beside the point. I NEVER would have signed up for the hair removal if they would have told me the TRUTH. They are getting rich off of telling people what they want to hear to get their money.

I am just mortified to think someone could run a business in such a way.


Unfortunately I saw all these posts way before I paid ALC. I have been going for more than 2 years and results are at 30%.

Somebody here said: if you went- then they shouldn't give you your money back. Let me ask you something: when you go buy shoes and pay for them online but you only receive the bottom part of the shoe- do you want your money back? *** yes!!!!!!!! This country is supposed to be about getting what you paid for.

If this company really cares about customer service and about bringing in more customers they should give you your money back after checking how much hair you have. You can't lie about coming back with more than 50% of the hair and after going to every appointment they've set. If you are like me- you will be advocates of not going to this company and tell EVERYONE you know about how it just doesn't work. I already sent an email to my current company ALL STAFF email to complain and they are a 3000 person company.

I also will continue posting blogs and twitters and facebook- forever- until they change their policy. It shouldn't be this hard getting your money back for something they are selling that DOESN'T WORK.


I was lied to also! We all need to file a class action lawsuit, I sign one on another website! :upset


Dallas (Plano) area marketed the same guarantee...worthless since the treatment never had ANY effect, so the guarantee means you can keep going in for a treatment that does not work for 2yrs but you will NEVER see your money back...Legally they are in the clear and nothing we can do about it but just know this is NOT a money back guarantee and you should find another business to work with as they are less than upfront on all this.


I worked with a girl that quit working at ALC because she could no longer handle flat-out lying to people. She was a regular tanner, and on top of telling people that being tan didn't make a difference for the treatments, she would SHAVE her arms and legs twice a day so she could show all of her prospective clients just how smooth the "laser" made her skin.

She could never even have treatments without BURNING because her skin was so dark! Besides that, she told me that she only had 2 days of training on their machine before she was expected to treat people as well as do the consultations. She had NO licensing or other medical training and she could have potentially scarred people for life! The truth is, they use IPL which is a machine not even recommended for hair removal BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK.

It's just very expensive waxing, so check out a REAL laser provider like Ideal Image instead.

Also, do your research online, there's a reason there are literally hundreds of complaints against them... Go to to the hair removal section to see what will work for your skin and hair types!

Friedberg, Hesse, Germany #31541

How long should I wait to get my refund?

This question I ask myself everyday. It's been 9 months trying to get my money back from American Laser(Boca Raton, Florida) and nothing seems to work out. I purchased on November/2005 a full package of six treatments for 2 years guarantee to remove the hair of my legs, under arms, and one scar. This cost me $3,600 dollars and including 10 fotofacial treatments.

I went for 2 years without missing any apointments and even they made on my skin doble passing, but guess what? I did not see any results at all! I remember the fist year, I told them that I did not see any results, but they kept insisting that I will see it in the next few months. Then in the next year, the mananger told me that my guarrantee has expired without seen any hair removed! They promised me to remove my hair in two years, all was a big LIE!I know that they do not want to give me a refund and I have find out that they have done it with many people as well.

Since December/2007, I have keep trying to get my money back becuase is unfair to pay something that did not work out on my skin. I told them thousands of times that I want my refund and they keep saying this to me: "we have to take another pictures from your skin becuase it did not came out crear enough," they have done this to me 5 times!!!Also I have calling them and many times they do not answer me or they just hang up. They have made up a new story that my guarantee has never expired and will have to go for 1 more year for treatments.

Today, I have no other choice but to hire a lawyer and publish it. Also was told from oher lawyers that if I want to hire them I would end up paying more than $3,600!So this mean that in order to get my money back I have to pay some one to do it for me? It's unfair! I would like to advice other people to stay away from this company, they are not real "PROFESSIONAL" as they said, just make a google search and you will find out a lot of complains like mine.

Bow, New Hampshire, United States #9179


I am sorry to hear about your poor experiences with American Laser Centers and refunds. I represent American Laser Centers and we apologize for the delayed response to your request for assistance. American Laser Centers has recently changed ownership and we would like to ask you to please contact our newly expanded customer service department regarding your issue at (877) 252-2010. If you’d like us to contact you instead, please provide your contact information to my email below and we will contact you at a time and day of your convenience.

American Laser Centers’ customer service center will be happy to personally help you with your needs and will provide a swift response to your concern.

Thank you,


Cheraw, South Carolina, United States #8630

I am an esthetician who is laser certified. I know that certain lasers can attack lighter hair it just takes longer, i think i would have done better research before I spent $5,000.

I have worked in a plastic surgeons office and they would never refund a laser treatment because they spent the time and money on the service already, they're like $200,000. machines!

Cheraw, South Carolina, United States #8627

I do not think it's fair you are saying they lied to you. I have had services done at this company and have been very satisfied.

The guarantee is not a life time guarantee, it's a two year guarantee, that they will keep treating you two years after your initial treatments are finished, if you continue hair growth.

They already treated you. Why would they give you money back for something you already had done?

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