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Any ideas on how to start a class lawsuit? We should get our money back.

Does any one know if the financial office is part of the company?I call them and they told me that they are not (hard to believe since the have american laser as part of their denomination) .

The requested that I continue paying them for the treatment I did no received.

Please, let me know if you have any idea to where to complain in order to start legal steps toward a lawsuit. Somebody should be responsible and I don't understand why do I have to pay for a treatment I did not get.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Laser Skincare Laser Hair Removal.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Nov 20, 2014.
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Sacramento, California, United States #1326124

Treatment not for dark skin tone , left scares on my face and neck !!!! Will never ref anyone here , always check a company reviews first !!!!

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1115457

I over heard on TV yesterday that there is some resolution? on the lawsuit but didn't get the details.

Can someone clue me in? I and my granddaughter got screwed!


I paid $7,000 for a full body in 2006/2007 and they kept rescheduling my appointments or canceling them or their lasers weren't working on the days of my appointment...my "warranty" expired and in order to get additional treatments, I'd have to go in and the manager would need to take pics of my hair and submit to corporate. Well, I never heard back and now they are closed!

I still have to shave every day and they stole $7,000 from me!!! I need to sue these ***!

Denver, Colorado, United States #961995

I was floored when I found out that they closed! No warning no call!

Just canceled my appointment and then bam they are gone!

I will not pay on the credit card that I got for this tx since I have NOT finished TX. Super upset about all of this!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #960138

I filed my dispute with Comenity almost 60 days ago and they still have not resolved it. Obviously I financed my treatments and did not pay in advance.

I received 3 of the 8 treatments I purchased. The individual I spoke to at Comenity (who was NOT in the dispute department) said that most of the services I purchased that I had not received had expired so I was still going to owe money. EXPIRED? I purchased these services in April and July of 2014 and ALSC closed in November.

How are they expired? She also said if I didn't use the treatments I purchased within 60 days, I still owed for them. I tried to explain that the treatments I purchased take a year or more to complete (full leg hair removed, bikini line) and she tried to tell me that just Comenity's "policy".

I would love to join a class-action suit if one comes up.

to Je Denver, Colorado, United States #961997

Who did you file the dispute with? I cannot find any numbers with anyone! Very upsetting they owe me $1200

to Je Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #970015

I purchased a 1,000 lower leg package. I had a treatment and then went back for another and there was a sign on the door that the clinic had closed.

I paid my account in full 3 weeks before the clinic closed. I also worked with Community and they originally put a $1,000 credit on my account. They have now removed the credit and said that the dispute is more than 60days old and no longer valid. I am furious.

I can't find any way to get in touch with someone at American Laser to request that they provide me with a refund or laser hair removal through another provider.

I am baffled at what a horrible company they turned out to be. Absolutely no integrity whatsoever.

Lauren Heatherly


Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #940691

I am still own American Laser over $900 but I have to finish the treatment. We need to do something to get our money back refund or lawsuit.

New York, New York, United States #940585

I agree we need to file a lawsuit I'm owed over $800 and need this $ or the services back.

Malibu, California, United States #939610

They owe me $1000 minimum, and I really think we should be filing a class lawsuit against them.

Winter Springs, Florida, United States #930953

I fell onto this while researching. I have a very large bill, but know idea how much $ I had in prepaid services.

I contacted Comenity Bank put my account on hold while someone from American Laser itemizes my acct. I imagine this will take sometime, but I am in dispute for the entire amount.

This puts me in a hold status, can not bill me nor report late fees. I am hoping that some attorney can get a class action lawsuit going in the interim.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #927860

Really sucks that as there closing not knowing I'm still getting my bill so I paid it just to find out a week later they closed there doors! I still had a full leg treatmentof 5 visits 4 more brizilian and under arm laser hair removal! Very disappointed!

to Ktmqt Cleveland, Tennessee, United States #927888

I paid for the lip laser hair removal, u had one full treatment didn't work, they gave me a whole new free session and I still had a few left and then they went out of business, they toled me the hair wouldn't come back and it's back now worse than before I had the treatments.

to Anonymous #928103

Same here, the hair on my face is growing faster and darker then before I had the treatments. I think it';s due to shaving which they told me to do!

to anonymous Holliston, Massachusetts, United States #972761

It's called paradoxical hypertrichosis. If you have olive skin laser can cause an increase in hair growth on face and upper arms/back.

I have the same problem and am getting expensive electrolysis now.

I told American Laser when it was going on and they laughed at me and told me it's impossible. I wish I could get every penny back from them!

Essex, Vermont, United States #923253

My son has three ematrix treatments left; he only had one. We paid $1500.00 for them.

We surely are due a refund.

Recently when I have called corporate headquarters, there is a short message followed by a busy signal. How do we go about getting a refund?

I am frustrated and feeling like someone took the money and ran away with it.

Deer Park, Texas, United States #922702

if you live in houston tx and have been a victim of bankruptcy from american laser skincare you should contact fox 26 and they will air your story and try to find you the help you need.


I too paid over 2300.00 and only used a couple of treatments. I want my money refunded! Don't know how to go about it now.

Long Beach, California, United States #903709

I agree, we shouldn't keep paying . I don't know how much i paid so far, but i will not be paying any dime.

They did breach their contract, so why should we keep making payments for a service we have not received.

I removed my bank information from their website . Also, i called my bank and put a stop payment and filed a claim with them.

Southfield, Michigan, United States #903412

In Michigan, Comenity Bank does the financing for ALSC. Regardless of who extended the credit, they work for ALSC as far as you're concerned.

DO NOT PAY since ALSC breached their contract with you. Further, you couldn't buy individual sessions so who's to say how much treatment you've had based on what you've paid (i. e., have you gotten your money's worth?).

I just signed up (October 31st). I received my first bill by November 7th (red flag) with the first payment being due 27Nov2014 before I received my first treatment.

I was still taking VIEX fat burner.

A class action sounds great; however, the first person to file gets the largest piece of the pie.

Everyone else splits the rest. If you're going to file on monies lost, do it now.

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