ALC is a great company, they thrive on making people feel more confident and comfortable in their own bodies. They do give a two year guarantee for laser hair removal services.

Most people react wonderfully to the laser and have huge success stories to share. There are a few who have more resistant hair and the treatment requires more sessions. That is why they have a guarantee, companies usually won't offer extended services free of charge because they don't believe in their product. They have seen great results in a grand percentage of their clientele but there will always be a few who are not 100% satisfied.

Sadly enough when someone is happy with a service they don't usually post it all over the web, but when they have something bad to say, they shout it on the top of a mountain. Please do not let a few bad reviews make you question this company. They have a two year guarantee and are actually changing their refund policy, and give really great promotional prizes away that do benefit the consumer.

Stop by and check it out for yourself!

Review about: American Laser Skincare Laser Hair Removal.

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I use to work there they suck!!!! They don't care about you only your $$$$$$.It's all a joke, they go thru so many techs, because they get preasured to sell if you don't you loose your job, if you see results your lucky!

the burnt clients I feel bad 4. They can't get their $$$ back & most likely the clinic manager never reported the incident to the regional manager, awful.....This one tech burnt so many people that was enough to get fired but instead got promoted to manager because the clinic manager never filled out the adverst report & never reporter her to the regional manager.....


:grin I am currently going to ALC I enjoyed the staff and the office sales manager Liz, yes, she pushed sales on a regular basis, I've spent over $2700.00 have seen some results. They have had a great about of turnover I don't know why, they are not forthcoming with info about the company and it's changes. I hope it works as I will be seeing them again soon


This was efinitely posted bt an employee. This is like everything by ALC VAGUE!!

Kuala Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia #14211

I am not an employee and I have had nothing but great results with ALC. I have been doing hair removal and have had great results.

When I was away from the Denver location and needed a treatment I was allowed to fo to another location in NY for no extra charge and the same great service. I recommend ALC and will continue to have more services done there

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #11994

This was obviously posted by an employee so I hope that you ignore as they are terrible!

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