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Hi, my wife just got summoned to pay $2,504 when she only got 1 or 2 treatments at MOST. Then these morans went out of business - in the past they try to collect and we explained what happened - the collector was like OK let me get in touch with the client as it could be a mistake - 1 year later we get this letter saying that they will sue us and it turns out its from another Collection Agency with some lawyers with them I live in ILLINOIS is there any advice, next steps I SHOULD DO? They are trying to settle but I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY DAM NEAR 1,500 to get this issue resolved when they initially wanted over $2400!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Spring, Texas, United States #1315984

To All,

I also have been sued by a collection agengy lawyer, even though I too paid $2500 and received no services. They took a small balance and tacked on a lot of fees to make it a lot more.

When you are sued they must file in a court in your local residence, usually the Justice of the Peace in your county. You should plead your case to the JP giving full detail of the situation and you should ask the JP to dismiss the claim. Many JP's have dismissed the lawsuit. It depends on you getting your information truthfully to the JP and the JP accepting your plea for your case.

When you receive the lawsuit papers, right a 'letter of answer' to the JP court it is filed at explaining everything. Then the JP will followup. It is best to do this rather than ignore the lawsuit and not fight for your case. If you ignore it the JP may have no other choice to rule in favor of plaintiff collection agency.

You have a better change when you fight it. Also do not contact the collection agency or the lawyers at all. Do not offer to pay them anything. If you contact them and try to negotiate a settlement or pay them anything, all that does is refreshes the debt giving it a new date they will use to take on 7 more years of collection harrassement.

Let it die out at the credit bureau from it original date of purchase. Only deal with the JP if you get sued.

Prior Lake, Minnesota, United States #1314516

i am dealing with the same ***. they double charged me i paid the original amount owed, they never changed the amount on the online billing, charged interest when it was "interest free" for 12 months now i am being sued after i paid and they filed bankruptcy and now a 3rd party is suing me for more than the original charge after all of this??? HOW IS THIS *** LEGAL

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