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Commenity bank is the lender therefore they are still looking for their payment regardless if we are receiving services or not. You can file a dispute with Commenity bank however Im not sure how far this will get you.

This is what I was told when I called customer service at commenity. As far as writing to the FDIC, this will not work. A class action suit is what we will need to see any kind of reimbursement.

If we use this site as a forum hopefully there will be some kind of a resolution. Keep looking here for updates as I will be contacting a lawyer.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Hello my name is senaida Huante and I paid 800 for treatment that I never received. I paid that amount like a few weeks before they close I would like to be involved in the lawsuit please keep me informed. My email is huante.sadie@yahoo.com


my email for the lawsuit nancypoobear@aol.com


keep me informed.


Hi... I am still waiting for my $1000 refund.

Please include me in the lawsuit. My email is sunitmayall@gmail.com


I was also active duty, in the Marine Corps when I paid $3000. Please include me in the lawsuit. Lucky_stars_82@hotmail.com


I am in the same situation as everyone else. I was active duty military.

Left Colorado was told my account would be frozen. I literally just called to check up on it since I was stateside this week and just found out about this!!!

Crazy. Please also contact me about getting on the law suit my email:afa0711@aol.com


Add we to the suit. I had been going since 2011.

Right before I enlisted in the navy. I'm still waiting for $3000 refund. It saddens me how big companies can get away with this. Not once but twice!

I had sent all my information many years ago after they went "bankrupt", but still haven't heard anything about anything.

I would like to be part of the suit. Emilythistooshallpass@gmail.com.


Please include me as a part of the lawsuit. I paid The American Laser Skincare $4000 for treatment services for my daughter that She never received.Very upsetting!


American Laser used high pressure sales techniques to make me sign up. Treatments were not successful and I am out hundreds of dollars of unused treatments. Worst company and managerial practices.


charged $5000. i was lied to.

burned. and degraded. they kept telling me i needed stronger treatments.. i'm ice white with coal black body hair.

i am the perfect candidate.so they messed that up. burned me. i have pcos. they destroyed what self confidence i had for years.i also grow a beard now..

started right after the burning.

i cry.please contact me for suit. merfling@gmail.com


I would like to be added to this law suit....they charged me almost $2,500 I only for 1 treatment....and the lady at the front desk for the office in Santa Monica, CA ....used my card for fraud charges buying gas....they were the only company I gave my card to.


I would like to be added to this suit. I have talked to Comenity many many many time and have told them about the issue of not receiving treatments.

They don't care, I understand that they too were victims, but NOOOOO. I have had enough with this.

I will NOT pay something that was not completed. please contact me at kristinepaz@ymail.com if you know anything about the suit, or what needs to be done.

Los Angeles County, California, United States #1355994

I see this was originally posted in 2014. Did the class action suit ever get filed?

I'd like to be added to the suit.

Still paying off a $3000 lifetime package, haven't gotten the treatments. plumolive718@gmail.com

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1352427

My wife went in for treatment and we used Commenity Bank as a loaner but never finished services. Now the collections is calling us.

Please add me to the class suit.

George.rizk2013@gmail.com . the credit report is blemished

Ashland, Massachusetts, United States #1316706

My mother was taken advantage of by this company, and she is on the hook for about $5k. she keeps getting letter from collection agencies about it.

I just got involved, because she is mentally incapable of dealing with it herself. I was unaware of how long this has been going on, so is, or was there a class action suit filed, is it still active, does it seem to be going anywhere, and who do I contact to join it?

Thanks for any info. Ron

Denver, Colorado, United States #1250721

Me too! Jolly13@aol.com


Did anyone file a class lawsuit?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1068875

Hello All,

I am interesting to join the class action suit. I like to have full refund back.

I ma not satisfied with American Laser Skincare. My e-mail address is kshephard1955@gmail.com...


I paid over $18,000.00 in services not rendered. They opened my credit line and I never used some treatments that were going to be refunded to me since 2009.

My doctor sent a letter to them stopping the treatments and I was supposed to get a refund bu they did not close the credit line.

I have substantial evidence. My email is icorsino85@gmail.com

Long Beach, California, United States #1028030


I paid for services not rendered. I'm interested in a class action suit.

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