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Commenity bank is the lender therefore they are still looking for their payment regardless if we are receiving services or not. You can file a dispute with Commenity bank however Im not sure how far this will get you.

This is what I was told when I called customer service at commenity. As far as writing to the FDIC, this will not work. A class action suit is what we will need to see any kind of reimbursement.

If we use this site as a forum hopefully there will be some kind of a resolution. Keep looking here for updates as I will be contacting a lawyer.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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my email for the lawsuit nancypoobear@aol.com


keep me informed.


Hi... I am still waiting for my $1000 refund.

Please include me in the lawsuit. My email is sunitmayall@gmail.com


I was also active duty, in the Marine Corps when I paid $3000. Please include me in the lawsuit. Lucky_stars_82@hotmail.com


I am in the same situation as everyone else. I was active duty military.

Left Colorado was told my account would be frozen. I literally just called to check up on it since I was stateside this week and just found out about this!!!

Crazy. Please also contact me about getting on the law suit my email:afa0711@aol.com


Add we to the suit. I had been going since 2011.

Right before I enlisted in the navy. I'm still waiting for $3000 refund. It saddens me how big companies can get away with this. Not once but twice!

I had sent all my information many years ago after they went "bankrupt", but still haven't heard anything about anything.

I would like to be part of the suit. Emilythistooshallpass@gmail.com.


Please include me as a part of the lawsuit. I paid The American Laser Skincare $4000 for treatment services for my daughter that She never received.Very upsetting!


American Laser used high pressure sales techniques to make me sign up. Treatments were not successful and I am out hundreds of dollars of unused treatments. Worst company and managerial practices.


charged $5000. i was lied to.

burned. and degraded. they kept telling me i needed stronger treatments.. i'm ice white with coal black body hair.

i am the perfect candidate.so they messed that up. burned me. i have pcos. they destroyed what self confidence i had for years.i also grow a beard now..

started right after the burning.

i cry.please contact me for suit. merfling@gmail.com


I would like to be added to this law suit....they charged me almost $2,500 I only for 1 treatment....and the lady at the front desk for the office in Santa Monica, CA ....used my card for fraud charges buying gas....they were the only company I gave my card to.


I would like to be added to this suit. I have talked to Comenity many many many time and have told them about the issue of not receiving treatments.

They don't care, I understand that they too were victims, but NOOOOO. I have had enough with this.

I will NOT pay something that was not completed. please contact me at kristinepaz@ymail.com if you know anything about the suit, or what needs to be done.

Los Angeles County, California, United States #1355994

I see this was originally posted in 2014. Did the class action suit ever get filed?

I'd like to be added to the suit.

Still paying off a $3000 lifetime package, haven't gotten the treatments. plumolive718@gmail.com

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1352427

My wife went in for treatment and we used Commenity Bank as a loaner but never finished services. Now the collections is calling us.

Please add me to the class suit.

George.rizk2013@gmail.com . the credit report is blemished

Ashland, Massachusetts, United States #1316706

My mother was taken advantage of by this company, and she is on the hook for about $5k. she keeps getting letter from collection agencies about it.

I just got involved, because she is mentally incapable of dealing with it herself. I was unaware of how long this has been going on, so is, or was there a class action suit filed, is it still active, does it seem to be going anywhere, and who do I contact to join it?

Thanks for any info. Ron

Denver, Colorado, United States #1250721

Me too! Jolly13@aol.com


Did anyone file a class lawsuit?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1068875

Hello All,

I am interesting to join the class action suit. I like to have full refund back.

I ma not satisfied with American Laser Skincare. My e-mail address is kshephard1955@gmail.com...


I paid over $18,000.00 in services not rendered. They opened my credit line and I never used some treatments that were going to be refunded to me since 2009.

My doctor sent a letter to them stopping the treatments and I was supposed to get a refund bu they did not close the credit line.

I have substantial evidence. My email is icorsino85@gmail.com

Long Beach, California, United States #1028030


I paid for services not rendered. I'm interested in a class action suit.


I am filing a dispute form today to Commenity Bank per the customer servicr dept. Few services were rendered before all salons in our area closed without notice and phones were disconnected. Seems appropriate that they should reimburse for ineffectual service, inconvenience, absence of results, and waive the remaining balance on "full body guaranteed unlimited treatments" hair removal services.

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