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I pre-paid approximately $2500 for various services. I arrived for my appointment one day to find the doors locked, and no one answered the local phones, customer service or corporate numbers.

I researched online after several more attempts to contact the company to no avail, and discovered they had shut their doors due to "economic hardship." The owner of the company had previously owned Circuit City, another failed business that he apparently ran into the ground. The company claims on their website that they are working to try to find clients alternative businesses who will take over our packages, but since they escorted all of their employees out by police and security guards, I am curious as to who they are implying is doing this. I have waited a few weeks before doing additional research to see if any resolution will come about, or any progress on their "attempts" to help their clients, but obviously this is just a way to blow us off. They have no intention of refunding our money or finding us other services.

I intend to file a complaint with my state's attorney general (not that I have had any luck with them doing anything in the past with similar issues), and will be contacting an attorney to sue the owner of this company, since I am quite sure he is not personally experiencing any "economic hardship" as our money is burning a hole in his pocket, if he hasn't blown it all already. I suggest you all join me in fighting to get your money back from this *** artist.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with friendly staff and stated that there is a room for improvement of need refund or services promised and stole money. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "closed and refuses to refund money" of class action and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2500. American Laser Skincare needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned class action in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at American Laser Skincare.

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Please contact me if there is a lawsuit. I know it’s been several years now since they closed but I still have hope.

Has anyone contacted a lawyer?

I paid $6,500 for a package never completed and I received less than half of the treatments. My email is


I paid 2 times to have my laser on 3 parts of my body same parts and now several years later my hair is back. I paid all that money that was guaranteed to not have any hair and what do i do now. i paid over $4,000 this is horrible.


I was able to get the credit company to write off the remaining balance on my loan, but I still paid thousands of dollars for services that I did not get. I was supposed to get "unlimited treatments until hair growth stopped", and I still have hair growth. Would love to get in contact if some monies have been refunded to anyone else.


I personally still get contacted by Fortiva that to find out that they paid American Laser and took the money i only got 2 treatments and their charging me $2,031. Im to this point not gonna pay something that i didn't get services and i really don't know what to do probably appeal. Im not sure anyone have any advice what should i do in this situation?


I have the same problem!!! They owe me thousands of dollars !!

Please Let me know how I can help her get our money back !!!


I paid $5,000 for laser Hair removal as well as about $170for microdermabrasion & other services arrived for an appointment that was scheduled the week prior and no one was there, other clients and I were there waiting, the phones were ringing but no nurses no receptionist ever showed. I'd like to be refunded as I never got the services I paid for

to Katrina D. Gonzales #1378242

I'm also a victim of American laser. Have you have heard of any news relating to getting our money?


Were you ever able to file something in court to attempt getting your money back??

Los Angeles, California, United States #1280614

I have the same problem. They owe me 3k

Email me back if you've heard of anything I'd like to help do this with you

El Segundo, California, United States #1279659

Has there been a class action law suit filed? I lost thousands of dollars.

Please reply me if you have any information! Thank you!

Milton, Florida, United States #1276133

Same experience here! Started the treatments and saw no results, and I even got burned and scarred on my face.

I stopped going and had a credit of approximately 2000.00. They refused to refund me and now I found out they are out of business.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. Hoping to get results.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1268142

I also refused to pay for services I'll never get. Commenity sent me to collections who harassed me by phone several times a day for a year.

I owed $600 of the $1000. Now I'm being sued by the collection company for $1000.

It wasn't really worth it in my case. They should be held accountable for the mess they left behind!

to Anonymous California City, California, United States #1351655

Same here

My credit has been damaged because they sent it to collections, while not providing a service due to going out of biz


Let me know how to join!! I want my money back!

Inverness, Florida, United States #1265943

My experience exactly!!!

Novato, California, United States #1248388

My wife went though the same thing. Has there been any action on getting refunds. We lost $2200.00 and only got one treatment....

Orlando, Florida, United States #1226002

I experienced the same robbery. I paid over $2500 for services that DID NOT work so they kept scheduling me for more laser treatments that still didn't work.

Left my face with red marks issues and super sensitive and unresolved. I had went to go in for yet ANOTHER appointment just to find out they closed n would not return my calls. I wasn't even asking for my money back at the time I wanted them to send me somewhere else but now I've been sent to collections because I REFUSE to pay another cent for service that did not work.

This has affected my credit as well and I'm really angry. I would love to be apart of a class action lawsuit

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1210297

Let me know what I need to do to join you.

Lakeville, Minnesota, United States #1210269

Hi there. Did anything ever come of this?

I purchased a package as well (in 2013), but did not have services provided r/t some ongoing health issues. I talked to them in 2014 and they said it would be fine, no expiration for this purchase. Long story short I only recently figured out they shut their doors.

And now I am out a chunk of change as well!! Please let me know what you found out.



Contact me.


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