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After investing over $2000 in services, over a two year period, all of which were not that good. Laser light treatment for sun spots and microdemabrasion for skin texture.

I missed one appointment on Good Friday. When I called to apologize, they said that I had to pay $75 before rescheduling. I am not going back, nor will I recommend them to anyone. The center was in Plymouth.

I used multiple technicians. My complaint is with the $75 for missed appointments fee. I have more micro's in my package and want a refund.

They are ridiculous! Send me my money.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Yes! Everything you all say is true.

This is a big company and money is all they care about!

PPl please do your homework and find a skilled technician in your local area. Small clinics will give you better customer service. Look for someone who uses good laser equipment and will give you a good evaluation for your hair removal needs.

Not all hair will be removed with a laser and NEVER blonde peach fuzz and any type of blonde or grey hair!!! Laser only works on hair with color.

Also, read the small print on any contract.

The American centers do have their missed appt charges in the contracts that you sign. So there's probably nothing that you can do about that.


I have had the same experience with them with cancellation. One time they canceled my appt.

without any reason. They said that somebody canceled it and when I asked them who, had no idea. I told them that it wasn't my fault that the appt was canceled, and I didn't cancel it. I still had to reschedule.

I already have a overloaded schedule with full time college and work and its hard for me to make time to make appts.

This just increases my anger on top of the fact that its been over 2 years and isn't even working on me. I've got to take an action against them!


I get treated at Phoenix biltmore area. They have charged me with the $75 for missing my appointment.

Me and my girl friend go for the appointment one day i missed it and even she so they called her and gave her an exception and treated her and charged me $75. How is it fair? how can they give an eception to her and not me??? Coz i said i will not sign up for anyother service and she is ready to take up another package very they don't want to lose her and are ready kick me out.this is rediculous and i hate their service.

They had another manager there her name was jennifer and she was pretty good she knows how to talk to people and also how to treat them too. now its worse.I ended up paying for the treatment.Don't sign up and lose money.Even though you pay a lot of money towards the package they still charge you with the no show fee...

So ladies Beware. there are so many other clinics in town who serve you better.


Call attorney general and better business bureau. They charge more than a missed appointment to a doctor specialist. Stop it so others are taken advantage of.


American Laser Center in La Jolla has the rudest staff. This *** told me I had to pay $75 dollars because I missed my prior appointment.

I have paid the 2000 and have been going to them for the past 2 years, with only 2 months remaining in the contract and they could not waive that fee for me. Money hungry company! Also, my hair on my face is even worse than when I started getting treatment! I have hair in places I did not have before because they told me to shave my face in order to thicken the blond peach fuzz hair.

They are so ridiculous! I do not recommend them to anyone and I hope they get out of business soon!


All this company cares about is money. That is it.

It has nothing to do with precious time. More than likely the technician working on you doesn't have enough time to do a thorough treatment in the first place. Then when you are done and your hair is not all gone they will want to sell you another package. Or they will tell you that it is not "permanent" hair removal.

It is "reduction". They are liars. Why doesn't their pamplets say "permanent hair reduction"? They work on a bonus scale.

Some people do have good results but that is a handful of clients. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!

Even if you buy and want to back out and have never had a treatment they pin you with some *** fee of like $300. Run as fast as you can people!!


I just want you to know i current work for ALC. To our clinic time is precious sn hour and a half appointment missed is an hour and a half that could have been used for someone else on the waiting list.

Also, as far as confirmation calls.

The company expects us as Tech to do them in between clints or on our lunch break. So, is not fair to either of us.


They did the same thing to me. They charged me $75 for a missed app.

I didn't even know they were going to charge me. I made my app and all was fine. I went to the app check in, get undressed (nearly naked, wipe off my numbing cream, and am waiting to be treated. They tell me that I have to pay a $75 fee for 2 missed appointments in the same day.

I tell that with the economy being so bad I don't have $75 and why didn't they say that when I booked my app. They had no response and said they would give me my laser treatment until I paid. I had to leave.

It was so embarrassing. I wish I wish I wish I had never paid them up front.


I hardly ever get my day b4 courtesy reminder call and sometimes I forget about my appt. When this happens, they charge me $75 for a cancellation fee.

When asked about my courtesy call "oh well we're short staffed and we don't always call." ***. Every place I make an appt.

they always call the day b4 to remind you. It's worth their time to do so.

Clare, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #58505

Same issue, but they scheduled my appointment wrong. I called to say it was their error and they yelled at me.

It was horrible, I have never been treated that way before. I called the customer service center and said that the manager was so rude and it reflected poorly on them. They think they can just walk all over you because you have to pay up front. I plan on contact the better business bur.

about this....But do not use them...they dont do a good job and on top of it, are idiots who cant schedule an appointment correctly. They are trying to milk money off of you.

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