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American Laser Skincare Bankruptcy now I am facing collection agency ruining my credit
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Dear Pissed Consumers: I helped out my girlfriend who was manager at American Laser Skincare. I bought $890 package of treatments which I only received 2 treatments. Her bosses were hard core sales people. Bankruptcy was filed and doors were closed leaving 38,000 customers charged for services NOT rendered. Now I am facing collection agency Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, formerly World Financial Capital Banking RUINING my credit! Comenity... Read more

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I was also a victim of fraud by this company. I purchased over $2000 worth of promised packages and to soon find out they closed the doors and took my money with them. I hope to see a returned refund of funds paid to each person that paid their money for services promised and not received. I was promised deal after deal that soon accumulated into thousands of dollars.I attempted to call the 1800# and had no luck getting through to someone. I... Read more

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I bought the laser treatment package 5 IPL treatments for $2000 but got no result at all. I am very disappointed and angry because this is scam .AL offers the services and never perform them as promised. Add comment

I opened a credit card through American Laser in the summer of 2014 and used it to purchase a sale package at 599.00 for 8 laser removal treatments. Prior to receiving any services, I paid off the 599.00 in full so I wouldn't have to worry about making payments. When I finally made an appointment scheduled for November 2014 they shut down without notice and I never recieved any services that I pre-paid for. I've tried contacting them on several... Read more

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I paid for a session of hair removals and I only received 4 treatments out of 12, when I went to a scheduled appointment, the door was locked saying they filed bankruptcy. I never received anything from them. I still have patches of hair in some places, and I paid for this and they never finished my treatments. I would like to finish my treatments somewhere else but, I never received a refund for what I already paid at American laser skincare. Read more

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I signed up for hair removal on my lip and chin in June 2014. I was supposed to receive 8 treatments on my lip and 8 treatments on my chin. The lady specifically told me when I signed up that if all treatments were not completed within the time frames stated that it would not be effective. Well I only received 3 treatments on my lip and chin therefore being shorted 5 treatments for each area. I financed 900 dollars and paid over 200 to them... Read more

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I bought laser hair removal package...was very disappointed to learn that they permently closed. Add comment

Horrible company! I paid upfront for 12 laser treatments and 2 yr guarantee if hair grows back ..only reveived 3 sessions ...paid lots of money . They closed their doors without notification...if there is anything i can do plz help. Add comment

This is the worst company ever! They never refunded me, unprofessional staff. Will never go back ! Add comment

The company closed doors. Did not contact anyone about the outstanding packages. I was told they were going to reopen in the area and until then they had a company that was going to fulfill services promised. To this day I have not been contacted, I have not received a refund, or any information. I am talking thousands of dollars too. Can anyone tell me if their is a way to recoop money or if there is a company that is fulfilling American Lasers... Read more

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